With more than 200 projects in the residential and commercial sector, we’re well on the way to becoming an irreplaceable tool for property developers and real estate companies.

We're on track to build a global business


Start-up of the year 2018


Voted to the Top 100 global Contech Start-Upd


Went through Pilabs accelerator and growth programme


Invited to the Go-Silicon Valley programme by austrian economic chamber


Raised € 3 mln. Seed+ Investment

Meet the founders

We aim to become one of the most important PropTech start-ups, that began their journey in a German-speaking country. To achieve this, not only do we need an innovative idea and useful product, we need the right people around us. With our extensive network of experts and partners, we're definitely on the right path.
The real estate industry is at the beginning of a period of extensive digitization. With our solution, we're playing an important role. Online communication and processes are already well established in many industries. With PROPSTER we'd like to offer our clients a complete platform that meets these modern requirements.
FOUNDER & Head of Sales
When developing new business areas, we focus on the entire value chain and always try to think outside the box. In addition to our key features, that revolve around the configuration process , it's also important for us to connect all project partners with each other. This is crucial for us if we are to provide our clients with a suitable tool.
FOUNDER & Head of Business Development
We are constantly developing our product. In doing so we're trying to stay close to our clients so we can give them the best results. The interesting thing about PROPSTER is the challenge of developing a product that always maintains its core benefits for users in a wide range of applications, while remaining flexible in its development.
FOUNDER & Head of Product Development
Now is the time for the construction and real estate industry to push ahead with digitalisation. And with PROPSTER, we play a crucial role in connecting the most important stakeholders. The challenge is nevertheless very big to unite the various requirements and needs of all stakeholders and, based on this, to develop the perfect product for support in everyday tasks and processes. With PROPSTER, the construction and real estate industry is taking a big and very important step in the right direction.

Meet the team

Meet the teem

Verena Atzmüller
Project Management Circle
Tobias Puchner
Project Management & Product Development Circle
Aleks Gavric
Marketing & Communications Circle
Ina Wintels
Business Development Circle
Nicole Müller
Business Development & Project Management Circle

Klaus Kainrad
Sales & Key Account Circle
Lukas Hirschbichler
Product Development & Business Development Circle
Isabelle Schall
Product Development & Web Development Circle
Kostya Samoylov
Product Development & Web Development Circle
Sascha Nagel
Sales & Key Account Circle

Anton Matiienko
Web Development Circle
Milan Zahradnik
Marketing & Communications, Finance, Legal Circle
Artem Tsykal
Web Development Circle
Alexey Loginov
Web Development Circle
Patricia Fass
Finance, Legal & HR Circle

Eva Aichinger
Project Management Circle
Furkan Yildiz
Project Development Circle
Marko Sawall
Sales & Key Account Circle
Ana Cunniffe
Finance, Legal & HR Circle
Andreas Quast
Sales & Key Account and Business Development Circle

Julia Shumskaya
Marketing & Communications Circle
Jose Rojas
Finance, Legal & HR Circle
Lucia Dobrowolsky
Sales & Key Account Circle
Lorant Gulyas
Project Management & Project Development Circle
Tom Pickett
Sales & Key Account Circle

Stefan Hartwig
Sales & Key Account Circle
Sarah Schopper
Sales & Key Account Circle

PROPSTER Lives Holacracy

Instead of structuring PROPSTER according to classical hierarchies, we have decided on “Holacracy”.

This organisational structure is based on roles for individual employees, which in turn are grouped together in circles. Each circle has a purpose and knows its goals. Coordination is autonomous and accompanied by intensive meetings, making the work highly task-oriented.

“Holacracy” enables employees to take on more responsibility and has great potential for further development.


Join our team

Every member of the team has a vote that counts. It means that we give our employees the opportunity to shape the future of the product and the company whilst also growing in their role and as an individual. Sound like a dream job to you? Apply with your CV and join us on this journey.

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