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Get the useful insights and PROPSTER toolset for online configuration, defect management, and boosting sales based on true success stories. Learn how to enhance the configuration proccess and gain customer satisfaction with our tool in your company. Sign up to claim Success Stories FOR FREE today.

Value One Uses PROPSTER to manage KORSO Project

PROPSTER helped Value One reduce 75% in-person meetings

Project: KORSO in Viertel Zwei
Living Units: 179
Location: Vienna, Austia

Description: Learn how to improve off-plan proccess and gain customer satisfaction with our tool in your company based on a true success story by Value One.

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PROPSTER helped KRÄMMEL to manage projects more effectively by means of configuration and offering fit-out choices

Project: Greenside Ottobrunn
Living Units: 140
Location: Munich, Germany

Description: Learn how to enhance the configuration process and gain more efficiency from construction projects with our tool in your company.


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PROPSTER helped ABG Real Estate Group decrease costs and time spent on defect management proccesses up to 30%

Living Units: 121
Location: Munich, Germany

Description: Learn how ABG Real Estate Group used PROPSTER Connect to manage defects

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PROPSTER helped Werndl & Patner offer choices to property buyers

Project: Herdergärten – Rosenheim
Living Units: 95
Location: Rosenheim, Germany

Description: Learn how Werndl & Partner used PROPSTER Project to offer choices and help the buyers configure their apartments effectively.


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Globally, real estate companies spend millions on inefficient processes and rectifying execution errors and moreover, they're missing out on huge upselling opportunities. Ultimately many customers are left feeling unhappy. PROPSTER enables your company to boost performance and reduce frictions across the entire project development cycle.
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PROPSTER helps you realise efficiencies and opportunities at each successive phase.

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Gain a deeper understanding of your customers and put their needs first with the data-driven online configurator.

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Capture the attention of prospective customers and speed up the decision making process to sell more off-plan and earn through upselling.

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Provide exceptional digital experiences by enabling your customers to configure the fit-out and furnishing of their property online.


Collaborate seamlessly with project participants in one centralised platform, decrease execution errors and handover stress-free.

Gain Lifetime Value

Increase customer lifetime value by offering additional services and relevant amenities through the platform.

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