Immobilien Zeitung Article – The halls of Messe München remain empty

Immobilien Zeitung has reported: “The halls of the Munich Trade Fair Centre remain empty”.

The disappointment at PROPSTER headquarters was very great when we noticed the cancellation of Expo Real early in the morning on the day of departure. The main reason for this was that the telephone service was running hot and interviews were arranged. We are well aware of the danger that Corona poses. But the cancellation was nevertheless very unexpected. Maybe it was needed as a final wake-up call to switch completely to digital in the future if the worst came to the worst. Our founder and CEO Milan Zahradnik also shared his thoughts on this very sensitive and emotional topic with the Immobilien Zeitung.

“We were quite surprised that the digital part of the Hybrid Summit was also completely cancelled. We have put a lot of time and effort into preparing for the Hybrid Summit, so we are already disappointed that nothing is taking place now. That could have been different, because it is not only start-ups that are used to online meetings. I think that either Messe München did not design the online part properly, or those responsible calculated that it would cost more than it would benefit.”

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