Feature Overview – Online Handover and Defect Management Tool – PROPSTER Connect

In the beginning it was all about special requests

Although we incorporated PROPSTER as a company in 2017, we launched the first pilot project back in 2015. The initial version of what has now become the PROPSTER digital customer platform focused solely on online configuration. In those early days, we were designing a system that would improve the way property companies processed buyers’ special requests. Truth be told, there was no thoughts about online handover and defect management, at that stage.

Close cooperation with the clients using that early version of PROPSTER led us to a realisation. Our solution only solved part of the problem. It became clear that we could offer a lot more value to property companies.

We began adding new features that built upon the platform’s core functionalities. We declared war on the chaos and manual processes inherent with Excel files and the paper economy. Gradually, we began moving in the direction of increased transparency and fully digitised documentation. We improved the online configurator by taking steps to involve buyers during the early stages of a project. Furthermore, we put effort into ensuring our clients could offer their customers immersive digital experiences. This involved us integrating high-resolution visualisations, accurate 3D graphics and e-commerce methodologies into the process. 

The next logical step was to add the online handover and defect management tool. Regardless of the type of property, whether rental or freehold, the warranty obligation comes into play after the handover to the buyer. With PROPSTER Connect, buyers can use the defect management tool to submit defect reports themselves, by marking the location of the alleged defect on the digital floor plan and uploading supporting photos.

Not every reported defect is a defect

Keep in mind that buyers are likely to report an alleged defect more often than not. This is understandable, however, it often leads to a flood of information after the handover of any kind of project, especially larger ones. Before it can be forwarded to the responsible contractor, all of this information needs to be documented and verified. It can be difficult to keep track of everything, from verifying defects to coordinating remedial works, whilst also keeping all of the relevant parties informed about the status of defects.  

This is exactly where PROPSTER comes in with the online handover and defect management tool. You can complete handover efficiently using a tablet. Simply add the necessary information about each individual defect to the digital floor plan. As mentioned above, the buyer also has the ability to report defects themselves during the warranty period using the PROPSTER app. 

The online handover & defect management tool guarantees that project managers receive clearly structured information that is uniform and complete. This means defects that aren’t covered under the warranty can be rejected online, without the need for an on-site inspection. Project managers appreciate the time and cost savings that can be achieved through this process. After all, not every defect report will represent an actual defect – many reported defects actually relate to maintenance issues. 

In order to increase the efficiency of the process further and to avoid errors, the platform provides all of the relevant information to each party, including contractors, simultaneously. As well as making it easy for every party to view the status of defects, our customer platform simplifies the process of instructing contractors to carry out remedial works. 

How does the PROPSTER online handover and defect management tool work?

The handover and defect management tool can bring significant time savings. Here’s how the process works. 

  • Use the PROPSTER app to document defects in a matter of seconds. You begin by accurately documenting any defects by marking their location on the digital floor plan and attaching supporting information and images. Recorded defects are signed by the buyer and then sent directly to the responsible employee or contractor. The handover protocol is made available to the buyer through the customer platform and a copy is also sent via email.
  • The defect reports submitted by buyers comprise of a fixed data structure. As a result, all defect reports contain uniform and complete information which allows for online assessment/verification. The ability to check defects online saves considerable time, labour costs and also reduces unnecessary travel. Digitising the process in this way can reduce the costs associated with defect management by up to 35%.
  • Manage contractors and remedial works digitally. The customer platform helps you coordinate everything in an organised and efficient way with clear deadlines set out for all parties. At the push of a button, you can instruct contractors and give them access to all of the relevant information needed to resolve a defect. 

Reporting and managing defects has never been easier

We all have the goal of doing our work as efficiently as possible. To varying extents, we tend to rely on all kinds of tools to help us achieve this. When our work involves deadlines and budgets, this search for efficiency becomes especially important. 

For property developers, it has never been easier to identify and manage defects. PROPSTER’s digital customer platform helps you to work more efficiently, reduce your costs, and more importantly, increase customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer presents more opportunities down the line.


To get a complete understanding of all the advantages that PROPSTER Connect brings, feel free to order a free trial.